Pathosbot was derived from the juxtaposition that robots are created to be precision machines, doing work more efficiently and more calculating than humans. It was created to question the role of robots and humans. Pathosbot is a rollerskate that propels itself with popsicle stick flippers in search of heat sources. Pathosbot drags its batteries behind it, attached carelessly with alligator clips, and does not turn very well, needing constant help from humans. The heat detection is meant to enable Pathosbot to find humans, however it often detects other heat sources which are not humans, thus forcing the Pathosbot to cuddle with radiators. All these attributes make Pathosbot exactly what the name suggests, lovable and pathetic.

See a video of Pathosbot.

The New York Times was so taken with Pathosbot it opened the article on NYCResistor with it.